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27/10/2021News Releases
FY 2021 2Q Financial Results have been added
27/10/2021News Releases
Notification Regarding Revision of Consolidated Financial Forecast
27/10/2021News Releases
Notification Regarding Difference between Forecast and Actual FY2021 Q2 Consolidated Financial Results
27/10/2021News Releases
Notification Regarding Continuation of “Stock Grant ESOP Trust” Plan
EXEDY Received 2020 Technical Innovation Supplier Award from JATCO Ltd.
11/10/2021News Releases
EXEDY’s response to the spread of COVID-19 and the current situation regarding infections
30/09/2021News Releases
Notification regarding changes in personnel
EXEDY Signs “ESG/SDG Evaluation Loan” and Receives AA Rating
Iga FC Kunoichi Mie become 2021 Plenus Nadeshiko League Division 1 Champions
16/09/2021News Releases
We have renewed our Virtual Product Exhibition page and added new products
EXEDY received “Best Performance Award” from Nissan Motor Corporation for 12th consecutive year
13/09/2021News Releases
Notice regarding Selection for “Prime Market” in Tokyo Stock Exchange New Market Segments
EXEDY Signs ESG Management Support Loan
28/07/2021News Releases
Notification Regarding Revised Consolidated Financial Results Forecast
28/07/2021News Releases
FY 2021 1Q Financial Results have been added
EXEDY Received Global Award for Excellence in Quality from Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.
EXEDY Received Best Supplier Award from Kubota Corporation
EXEDY Received “Five Consecutive Years Special Award” from Isuzu Motors Ltd.
24/06/2021News Releases
71st Annual General Shareholders Meeting
23/06/2021News Releases
We have added a Virtual Product Exhibition page to introduce our Next Generation Products and Future Products
21/06/2021News Releases
EXEDY selected as component for FTSE Blossom Japan Index, a leading index for ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) investment
01/06/2021News Releases
The Notice of Convocation and Documents Released on the Internet Pertaining to the Notice of Convocation for the 71st Annual Shareholders Meeting have been added
EXEDY Participates in “Automotive Engineering Exposition 2021 ONLINE”
30/04/2021News Releases
FY 2020 Financial Results have been added
08/04/2021EXEDY Group
EXEDY Siam Sales Thailand starts business operations
26/02/2021News Releases
Notification Regarding Changes in Shareholder Benefit Program
26/02/2021News Releases
Notification regarding changes in personnel
28/01/2021News Releases
Notification Regarding Revised Consolidated Full-Year Financial Results Forecast
27/01/2021News Releases
FY 2020 3Q Financial Results have been added
27/01/2021News Releases
Notification regarding changes in personnel